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There are benefits of being an independent pornstar. You get to set your own rates, and you get to choose what kind of scenes you want to do. Shit, you can even put up a video on your own site, and make viewers pay for a membership to watch your smut. However, if you want to get paid with a lot from scratch, it would be difficult for you to achieve that on your own.

That is why people that want to work within the porn industry often sign on to agencies or studios like Digital Playground, BrattySis by Nubiles, Reality Kings, and Brazzers; they’re the highest ranking studios on the market too, so you could imagine how much competition newbies get when they want to sign up for the first time.

However, if you are thinking about breaking into the industry, and want to create a name for yourself amongst many porn fanatics, then maybe you should have a look at how much money adult stars make per scene. Pornstars aren’t given a fixed salary or wage like office clerks do, which means that you can star in 3 films and receive your rent’s money within the same week. Our company helps many popular US pornstars – WITH THE RETURN OF BINARY ASSETS!

Male Pornstars: $500 – $5000

To the present day, porn is the only industry that is known to pay females a higher rate than men, and this is because the majority of its audience wants to see women on their screens; it pays the stars based on what their market wants, not based on the skills of that star.

Depending on how prolific he’d be, the average male pornstar can earn around $500 or $600. An established male star would be able to earn anywhere between $700 – $900, and a ‘superstar’ could earn up to $1500 for a sex scene.

If you’re a guy that’s going to do one porn scene, of course, it’s not going to be enough to keep the roof over your head. But a porno only needs one day to get it’s recording done, so once you’ve done your bit in the video, you’re free to do another shoot; it’s not like you’re needed for a film that needs a minimum of 8 months to complete!

Female Pornstars: $800 – $10,000

As I’ve mentioned in the previous section, porn is the only industry that’s known to pay the female stars more money than the male stars. Well, maybe model agencies pay the women more than men too, but that depends on what kind of models they have.

Anyway, the wage rule applies to the female pornstars as well as the male pornstars. An average lady can earn anywhere between $800 – $1000, that’s for a ‘traditional’ sex scene, but we’ll get more into that later on in the piece.

An established lady can earn just under $1,500, and a superstar can earn between $1,500 – $2,000 per scene. You can already see the difference in rates when you compare it to one of a female and a male pornstar; it’s just how the porn industry works. No sexism, no Illuminati conspiracy, just business and marketing.

Girl-On-Girl: $800 or more

I am still yet to find out the reason why Girl-On-Girl scenes get less pay than Guy-On-Girl scenes, but that’s for me to discover if I ever get the chance to interview some porn directors or studios in my lifetime.

If you’re an adult actress that has just started building your portfolio within porn, you would see yourself receiving a pay-cheque of at least $800 once you’ve fucked a girl on camera. If you’re an established star or a superstar, like Riley Reid or Malena Morgan, you would see yourself receiving a paycheck of around $1,200.

Guy–On-Girl: $1,000 or more

If you’re an aspiring female adult entertainer that doesn’t think that she’d perform well with another female on set, don’t worry, people still like to pay for Guy-On-Girl porn. The minimum amount of money that you would receive for riding and grinding on a guy would be $1,000, and if your name is spread across the internet, your payslip could be more than that, possibly up to $1,500.

That’s enough for you to pay for one month’s rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, New York. Or, if you still want to be settled in Europe, that check can pay for one month’s rent in a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs, with a little bit of money left over.